Villa Padawan


The villa offers delicious in villa dining. The cook will prepare lunch & diner at your request and do the grocery shopping at cost price for you. Receipts will be presented to guests in return with change.

The cook is trained personally by the owners in french & italian cuisine. (please see villa menu below).

Breakfast is also prepared daily with your choice of menu. Fresh bread & croissants can be purchased for you in the mornings by the staff at the French bakery across our lane

Full housekeeping service, gardening and pool maintenance are taken care of by our discreet professional staff. The housekeeper and gardener live in the staff area, so the villa is secure 24/7.

We can organize for guests upon request:

  • Professional ​in house ​Swimming lessons for kids
  • In house massages
  • Spa services
  • Car rental and driver
  • Scooter rental
  • Babysitting


Carrot salad

Green beans salad

Lentil salad

Black and white beans salad

Taboule salad
Salad of parsley, tomato, spring onion and boulgour

Nicoise salad
Tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion, tuna, boiled eggs and green salad.

Greek salad
Tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion, feta cheese and origano

Potato and tuna salad

Chopped fresh tomatoes, basil and olive oil served on toast

Mixed salad
Tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion

Vegetarian Mains

Bake of chopped tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, peppers

Green beans or peas cooked in a tomato sauce. Served with rice

Whole chickpeas cooked in a tomato sauce. Served with rice.

Lentils cooked with a little rice and onions

*Melanzane parmigiana
Eggplant, parmesan and tomato bake.

*Homous & Babaganoush
Chickpea puree without & with eggplant served with toast

Pasta with:
-Garlic and chili sauce
-Tomato sauce, mozzarella, & eggplant
-Blue cheese and cream


Fried or boiled prawns

Grilled or oven baked fish filet

Fish or chicken satay

Stir-fry chicken breast
Served with rice

Thin pan-fried breaded chicken breasts

Chicken cacciatore
Italian style chicken cooked in a sauce with tomatoes and carrots. Served with rice.

Oven roasted chicken
Served with roasted potatoes, carrots and zuchini.

Beef or lamb kebe
Lebanese meat balls

Grilled steak

Cheese Omelet


Green salad

Stir fried mixed vegetables

Stir fried vegetables

Grilled tomato

Stir-fried mushrooms

Fried potatoes

Mashed potatoes

Potato gratin

Steamed rice


Fruit Salad

Ice cream

Apple Pie

(*) Needs 1 day to prepare

Ayam Bakar – Indonesian grilled chicken served with tomato condiment and onion condiment

Ikan Bakar – indonesia grilled fish served with tomato condiment and onion condiment

Pepes – steam fish wrap in banana leaves with balinesse spices

Urab - salad dish with steamed grated coconut dressing

Mie Goreng – fried noddles

Rendang – beef cooked with indonesian's ingredient and coconut milk.

Kari Ayam – chicken curry

Opor Ayam – chicken,tofu,potato,carrot cooked with coconut milk

Lawar – mixed meat,vegetables,and coconut

Lumpia – spring roll (vegetarian or filled with prawn,meat,etc.)

Bihun Goreng – fried rice noddles

Sate Lilit – grilled mashed beef/pork/chicken/fish with balinesse spices served in bamboo stick

Ayam Betutu – chicken steamed with balinesse spices

Gado-gado – salad dish with peanut sauce

Udang Goreng – fried prawn

Cumi Goreng – fried calamari

Ayam Goreng – fried chicken

Sup Ayam – chicken soup

Tempe Babi Kecap – pork cooked with sweet soy sauce with soy cake

Koloke Ayam – fried chicken dressing with sweet sour souce

Perkedel Kentang dan Jagung – fried meatball of mixed potato and sweet corn

Babi Kecap - pork cooked with sweet soy sauce

Cap Cay – mixed vegetables cooked with garlic and cornstarch sauce

Ayam Kecap – chicken cooked with sweet soy sauce

Jagung Goreng dan Paprika – fried corn with pepper

Soto Ayam – steamed/fried chicken serve with turmeric soup.

Udang Pedas Manis – prawn cooked with sweet sour souce

Sambal Mangga – condiment (pestle of tomato,chili,garlic,and red onion) with mango slices

Sambal Tomat - condiment (pestle of tomato,chili,garlic,and red union)

Sambal Bawang – mixed of chopped red onion, chilli, lemograss and coconut oil

Sambal Terong - condiment (pestle of tomato,chili,garlic,and red union)with fried eggplant slices

Fresh bread, croissants, pain au chocolat

Eggs: fried, scrambled or half boiled

Corn flakes


Fresh fruit


Tea & Coffee